3cotyClub Programme for Breeders and Cat Owners

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3cotyClub has been developed to promote healthy, 100% NATURAL, 100% MEAT CONTENT, 100% BALANCED FEEDING. We value your participation in the program and your feedback can help us develop more products for your cats.

We would like to REWARD DEDICATION to breeding and support responsible breeders who want to feed their cats a natural and healthy diet and want to promote natural nutrition to new owners. Our programme has three basic Tiers (levels).

3cotyClub YELLOW

15% DISCOUNT on all purchased products

3cotyClub BLACK

20% DISCOUNT on all purchased products

25% DISCOUNT on product 88. Complete Kitten Kit (71+83+84)

Additional discounts and promotions on selected products of 3cotyClub plus additional gifts


25% DISCOUNT on all purchased products

30% DISCOUNT on product 88. complete kitten kit (71+83+84)

Additional discounts and promotions on selected products of 3cotyClub plus additional gifts


We want to help and support organisations and special programmes which take care of cats. We created this tier for those who love cats like we do. Terms are setup on an individual basis, contact us if you would like to join 3cotyClub HEARTS.


Have to be a REGISTERED BREEDER with organisation (CFA, FIFe, TICA, WCF) and verified by 3coty®.

Have to be the OWNER of show cats with organisation and verified by 3coty®.

Must fill out the REGISTRATION FORM to be verified by 3coty®.


All purchased products are for own use and are NOT for RESALE.

Breeder web site to have 3coty® banner/badge.

Promotion on breeder social media/web site.

If possible 3cotyClub member should promote 3coty® while selling kittens.


In order to move up a Tier, members need to purchase a minimum of 100 EUR of products per month over a period of 3 months.

If no purchase is made in the following 6 months, the member will drop down one Tier. Membership will not be lost, members stay on Yellow, unless they have been found to be breaking the rules, e.g. reselling products). All tier movements are applied by 3coty®.