Our environmental commitment

Putting UN Global Goals into action

Part of our philosophy is respecting our planet, it is the only place our cats can have the long and healthy lives we want them to lead. We have found the UN Global Goals a really helpful framework to guide us on what we can do to contribute to preserving this planet as a place where we and our cats can live long healthy lives together.

Some of the goals and targets are clearly aimed at national governments. And it is unlikely that any organisation is able to support all goals. The goals are too wide-ranging and diverse for that. However, there is something everyone can do to contribute to a more sustainable way of life.

Within our business, we have decided to work towards the following goals:

7. Ensure access to affordable reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

This goal has five targets, including universal access to modern energy and expanding energy services for developing countries, both of which are outside our remit. Some may feel that doubling the improvement in energy efficiency and promoting access to research and investment in clean energy is aimed at the energy industry.

We believe though, that we can also play a part in these. Using more energy-efficient equipment in our production process improves our energy efficiency and buying the solar panels on our roof were an investment in clean energy. The more people, who can afford to, buy solar panels, the cheaper the technology will become making it more affordable for others. The contribution 3coty® makes to this goal then is not just increasing the global percentage of renewable energy with our solar panels.

12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

There are 11 targets within this goal and we won’t talk about all of them here, just highlight those we are working towards. We are proud that our zero waste production process contributes to the target to halve global per capita food waste. Luckily, cats eat all parts of their prey, so it is easy for us to use all the animal ingredients we buy.

Our commitment to 100% meat and local suppliers means that our suppliers have less waste too. Chicken necks don’t sell well at butcher’s shops but are a perfect source of calcium in cat food. Our commitment to recycling both in terms of the selection of packaging products and in helping our customers recycle it is clear.

13. Climate action

The UN targets have a large-scale design around preventative planning, mitigation of and reaction to climate disasters. At 3coty® we are not letting that put us off in putting the UN suggestions for the goal into action to reduce carbon footprints. We are committed to local producers, reducing the transport distance from farm to factory and our staff cycle to the factory unless having to carry heavy loads (which is rare). You may be surprised to read that despite making meat-only cat food for our obligate carnivore family members, our human team eats very little meat, one of our founders is vegan. All our communications are electronic, printing is limited to the labels to inform you of what is in each tin. And we help you reduce your impact by providing lids to keep open tins fresh and using recycled cardboard packaging which you can also recycle.

Having cats at the centre of everything has made it easy for us at 3coty® to make these commitments towards improving the planet we live on. By sharing our knowledge, we hope as fellow cat lovers, you also try to adopt some UN Global Goal actions in your daily lives.