Our story

… because every good story starts with a cat

“Making natural cat food was not our dream career when we were teenagers.
And yet, the twists and turns of our lives resulted in us being able to make a business from our passion.

“Owners can only help their pets to live long, healthy lives if they know how to promote health and prevent disease. We are passionate about applying our knowledge about cat health to continuously developing our natural cat food and equally passionate about sharing our knowledge with owners.”



Aggie’s passions were first awoken by Mikado – a Cornish Rex supreme cat. She was a stunning ambassador of her breed, full of character who won prizes in many countries and shows. Building on Aggie’s experience as Mikado’s owner led her to breed Cornish Rex. Learning more about breeding and breed standards, she qualified as an All-Breed Cat Judge and judged across continents. At the same time, Her involvement with breeding and feline health grew. She subsequently worked internationally on breed standards and served on Breeding and Cat’s Health Commissions and the boards of various feline organisations.



Marcin is passionate about health and wellbeing. Coming from a family of doctors, he studied biochemistry and has always been interested in maintaining and developing health. He is a strong believer in taking preventative steps to ensure health rather than relying on treating a disease after it has started. In essence: prevention is better than cure.



When Cookie entered their lives, these passions came together. Not that Aggie, Marcin or Cookie had planned on this. As Mikado’s great-, great-, great-grandson he rekindled Aggie’s passion for pedigree cats. As a cat with allergies, he needed Marcin’s passion for soundly researched health management.



What resulted was 3coty® cat food.  Designed from the ground up to mimic a cat’s diet in the wild, removing all the common food allergens. It has improved Cookie’s life and of course, that improves Aggie and Marcin’s lives as well. We all want the best for our cats and for them to live as long as possible without falling ill. And the best way to do this? Disease prevention rather than treatment.

Natural cat food

The news of improvement in Cookie’s health spread. Breeders and owners wanted help with finding ways to enhance their cats’ health too. And this is how making cat food became Aggie and Marcin’s dream career.

They decided that all cats and their owners should have access to professionally made, healthy, complete, 100% meat cat food. So rather than just carrying on making Cookie’s food at home, they moved to a purpose-built, veterinary certified factory in the heart of Poland.

Ongoing Passion

Allergies were only the starting point for 3coty®. They heard about cats with other problems too. Many of these can be resolved with the right nutritional balance, tailored to the needs of an obligate carnivore. The right nutrition can help a cat maintain the right body weight and extend its life – something we all want for our beloved pets.

Aggie + Marcin + Cookie

Aggie, Marcin & Cookie
3coty® Founders

“Our mission is to enable all owners to shift their cat family lifestyle to enjoy their healthy and happy cats for as long as possible. To achieve this for as many owners as possible, we work with them directly to find solutions to their challenges. If you want help with managing conditions in your cats – get in touch!”

Triple Supreme Champion & European Champion Farunkin Baltic Mikado

“It’s all started with Mikado … Born in Finland in 1994, this black and white female Cornish Rex won numerous cat shows in many countries. Mother to first Cornish Rex World Winner cat. At the age of 11 Mikado received the Platinum Award as the ambassador of the breed. She was an exceptional show cat and a truly exceptional pet with character.”

Supreme Premior Sweetpurr’s Cookie Dough

“Mikado’s great, great, great grandson, this odd-eyed cat seduced us with his character. It was he who caused our lives to change. Change we do not regret for a second. Cookie, with charm and grace, together with our other cats, accompanies us in developing 3coty® cat food brand.”