“Our story began with one allergic cat…”

3coty® has been developed by owners of show cats, ambassadors for healthy nutrition. Family business run by devoted cat owners.

“The true beginning …
…dates 1994 with our first Cornish Rex supreme cat, Mikado. She was just an amazing cat!

Many years later, we became proud owners of Cookie – the cat that changed our lives. Cookie was the one, who was born with severe allergies. We had to change the way we looked at our cat’s diet.

As humans we eat healthy – we try to learn what our food is made of and what ingredients there are. We try to avoid those which we know are not healthy. Our cats were treated as family members, but not when it comes to food – we had to change it.

We want to make an impact. We want to change the way people think about their loved cat pets.”

At 3coty®, we want people to understand that the best way to take care of your cat, is to feed it healthy diet.

Triple Supreme Champion & European Champion
Farunkin Baltic Mikado

It’s all started with Mikado … Born in Finland in 1994, this black and white female Cornish Rex won numerous cat shows in many countries. Mother to first Cornish Rex World Winner cat. At the age of 11 Mikado received the Platinum Award as the ambassador of the breed. She was an exceptional show cat and a truly exceptional pet with character.

Supreme Champion
Sweetpurr’s Cookie Dough

Mikado’s great, great, great grandson, this odd-eyed cat seduced us with his character. It was he who caused our lives to change. Change we do not regret for a second. Cookie, with charm and grace, together with our other cats, accompanies us in developing 3coty® cat food brand.

3coty® Founders
Aggie & Marcin

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