Terms & Conditions

01. The scope of validity of the regulations

These regulations apply to all orders placed between the company 376west Sp. z o.o., Bąkowska 3C, 05-800 Pruszkow, Poland, EU Vat PL7010388860, REGON 146789550, the owner of the 3coty® brand (hereinafter referred to as 376west and / or 3coty®) and its customers using the online store www.3coty.com from the moment the purchase agreement is concluded.

02. Ordering process, purchase contract, order limits

A. Procedure of the order process

376west, as the owner of the 3coty® brand offers its customers the highest quality wet cat food. Presentation of the assortment in our online and stationary store is non-binding and non-binding and does not present an offer in the sense of the Civil Code. The Customer, by clicking on the product or product description, receives a full description of the product. The product is placed in a virtual shopping basket by entering the desired quantity and clicking on the symbol of the shopping basket.
After selecting all ordered products, the Customer goes to the order preview by clicking on the “Your basket” button, displayed in the upper right corner of the store, the customer is transferred to the page where he/she can check the products in the virtual basket at any time and make changes if necessary.

If the Customer wants to finalize the order, he proceeds by clicking on the “To checkout” button. Registered Clients can enter their e-mail address and password and use saved information in the processing of the order. Alternatively, the customer can register as a new user or continue with the purchase without having to register. In this case, the Customer must enter his address and account details in the next step.
On the Payment Details page, the Customer selects the delivery address as well as the payment method. Here you can find all the details about the order (including statutory VAT), delivery and shipping costs. To finalize the order, you must agree with the rules (after reading it) and then click on the “Checkout” button. This means that the binding purchase offer has been submitted.

The offered product is sold only in retail quantities. 376west and 3coty® offers are directed to adults. 376west Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to cancel orders – also without giving a reason.

B. Purchase agreement
Presenting products in the 3coty® store serves as information and does not constitute a binding sale offer. The Customer submits a binding purchase offer by finalizing the order process and clicking on the “Send order” button. The Customer receives an automatic confirmation to the e-mail address provided (so-called order confirmation). This order confirmation is not yet a contract. The conclusion of the purchase agreement with the 376west takes place when the 376west accepts the customer’s order, sending the ordered goods and confirming it with the second e-mail (confirmation of shipment).

03. Prices, shipping and delivery

A. Prices
All prices include VAT and other components, shipping costs may be added. Proof of purchase is attached to each order.

B. Shipping costs
Shipping costs are calculated according to the agreement between DHL Parcel/DHL Extress/Poczta Polska and 376west.

C. Deliveries

376west delivers its products to retail customers, cat owners, veterinary clinics, farms and the like. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the delivery time is 1-5 business days. The time is counted from the moment of receiving the payment of 100% of the value of the order on the 376west account (excluding cash on delivery).

Information about delivery and shipping costs is available in the Shop> Shipment tracking tab.

Deliveries take place between 09:00 and 17:00, however the exact time may depend on the courier route of DHL Parcel/DHL Extress/Poczta Polska.

In the event that not all products are available in stock, 376west reserves the right to organize partial delivery at its own cost, if the Customer accepts such a solution.

In the event that the 376west, not by fault of its own, is unable to deliver the ordered goods, 376west may terminate the contract. Then 376west should immediately inform the Customer about this fact.

Shipments are prepared for shipment so as to minimize the risk of damage during transport. The courier is responsible for the goods until you sign the shipping documents. Signing of the consignment note is tantamount to a statement saying: “I confirm the receipt of the ship in undamaged condition and in accordance with the order”, so before submitting the signature, please inspect whether the packaging has been damaged, and to recalculate the goods. In case of damage or shortages, the damage report is an essential document for claim claims. Couriers are required to have a form. The courier has no right to deny you this opportunity for any reason. Please remember that the courier’s signing of the protocol is the basis for claiming the claim rights. The original of the protocol is taken by the courier.

If the delivered goods were damaged during transport, the Customer should immediately inform about this fact at [email protected]. In this case, the 376west will have the opportunity to complain about the goods to the transport provider or the insurer. If the customer does not inform about the damage caused during transport, this does not affect the statutory warranty conditions. In order to provide a smooth delivery of the order, the 376west shall provide the relevant delivery company with the e-mail address and telephone number of the customer. The forwarding of the e-mail address and telephone number is a mandatory element of the purchase contract concluded with 376west. The Customer is not entitled to choose or appeal in this matter. More information is available in our Privacy Policy page.

04. Reservation of ownership

The product remains the property of the 376west, until the goods are paid by the Customer in full. Pledge, transfer of ownership to secure claims, processing or making changes to the appearance prior to the transfer of ownership of the product are only allowed with the consent of 376west.

05. The right to withdraw from the purchase contract

Customers who are consumers have the right to return the ordered goods within 14 days. A Consumer is any natural person who performs a legally binding transaction not related to its business or professional activity. Regarding the right to withdraw from the contract and exclusion from this right, the following regulations apply. In case of further questions, the Customer may contact the Customer Service, Contact us tab.

A. The right to withdraw from the contract
The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract – without giving any reason – within 14 days. This time counts from the day on which the Customer or the person authorized by the Customer (however it cannot be a courier of the transport company), received the last ordered product.
In order to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, the Customer must inform 376west about it by phone or in writing, e.g. by post or by e-mail: 376west sp.z o.o., Bąkowska 3C, 05-800 Pruszków, Poland, telephone: +48 577 155 376, [email protected].
For this purpose, the Customer may use the withdrawal form, which is however not mandatory. In order for the withdrawal to be effective, the customer must inform the 376west company within 14 days.

B. Consequences of withdrawal from the contract

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, 376west will reimburse all costs incurred, including delivery costs (except for costs incurred as a result of using a standard courier service other than that offered by 376west), immediately within 14 days of receipt of information about withdrawal from agreement. The refund is made in the same method as the payment received – except for cash on delivery. In no case is the Customer charged with the costs of this return. 376west reserves the right to withhold refund until receiving the goods or confirming the return of the goods.

The return is effective only if the 14-day period has been respected.

The right to return the goods does not apply to goods that have been prepared at the customer’s special order; goods that have been opened, goods with damaged packaging are not refundable. The condition of returning the goods is a written notification of the company 376west Sp. z o.o. about returning goods. The Customer sends the ordered goods to the following address: 376west sp. o.o., Bąkowska 3C, 05-800 Pruszków, Poland.

Before you send a return shipment, please contact our customer service at no. Tel. +48 577 155 376 or [email protected]

C. Withdrawal from the contract Form

If you want to withdraw from the contract, please fill out the form and return it to the following address:
376west sp. o.o., Bąkowska 3C, 05-800 Pruszków, Poland, [email protected].

– I/ We (*) hereby inform (*) about my / our (*) withdrawal from the sales contract for the following goods:

– Date of order (*) / date of receipt (*))
– Name and surname / Name of the Consumer (s)
– Consumer (s) address
– Signature of the Consumer (s) (only if the form is sent in paper version)
– Date
(*) Delete unnecessary.

06. Payment methods

Payment methods available in the store are (depending on the country of delivery):

– payment by regular or online transfer to the 376west bank account
– payment by credit card/online payment using the payU, PayPal, MyPOS or Klarna

In specific cases or depending on the type of delivery selected by the Customer, 376west reserves the right to accept only certain payment methods. Payments by sending cash or checks are not accepted.

The choice of payment is made by the Buyer when placing the order.
If the Buyer fails to make the payment within 7 days from the date of order confirmation, 376west has the right to cancel the order, informing the Buyer by e-mail or telephone.

07. Personal data protection

The company approaches the protection of customers’ personal data very seriously. Please carefully read the information on the protection of personal data in the Privacy policy tab.

08. The Seller

376west Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością
Company management: Agnieszka Sobczyńska
EU VAT PL7010388860, REGON 146789550

09. Final regulation

In case of invalidity or inability to implement any of the regulations contained in the regulations, the rest of the regulation remains in force. 376west reserves the right to introduce restrictions on the use of the 3coty online store caused by its technical service, maintenance work or work on improving its functionality. At the same time, 376west undertakes to make every effort to ensure that these breaks take place in hours night time and lasting as short as possible.

376west reserves the right to change the Regulations. The changes come into effect at the moment clearly indicated by the 376west, but not earlier than 7 days after their announcement. Orders placed before the entry into force of the changes referred to in the previous sentence will be carried out in accordance with the rules in force at the time of their submission. All disputes between the parties will be settled amicably or in the presence of an independent and impartial mediator. However, if the dispute cannot be settled amicably, including through mediation, the jurisdiction of the court will be determined in accordance with the applicable provisions in the Republic of Poland.

10. Latest update of Terms & Conditions