Why do we do what we do?

Our Philosophy

Why do we do what we do?

At 3coty® we consider “cat” to be in the centre of everything. Everything we do is because of our love for cats, wanting to share our knowledge and respecting our planet. We do it by being honest with ourselves, our cats and you, our customer.

We want to help you in your life with your feline family member, caring about their well-being and improving their longevity.

This philosophy applies to everything we do, how we make our food and how we chose to package it.


Cat comes first for us. This should not be surprising for a company that produces natural and complete cat food. 

We experience the bond between a cat and its human every day and want to support your bond with your happy and healthy feline. This is why we do all the research, development, problem-solving and education: to help cats live longer and healthier.


Love conquers everything and overcomes many obstacles. It is our love for cats that drives us to do better things. It is the love told by purring and head bumps and shown by stroking and a bowl of nutritious food.

Love comes in different sizes and colours, short hair and long hair, purring and miaowing and spurs us on to develop natural cat food and find ideal solutions. Love encourages us to do our best.


We feel honoured and proud to be able to share our knowledge and put our minds to help the smallest, as well as the biggest problems. It is our privilege as humans to be able to learn constantly, gaining wisdom from our own and others’ mistakes and making things happen.


Being loyal and fair is in our DNA and non-negotiable, when it comes to people and cats. Cats recognise honesty and faithfulness and can tell even the slightest deception. Helping everyone earn the trust of their cat drives us to become better at what we do – making healthy cat food. We take pride in doing everything we do with integrity.

Cat comes first. Love conquers. Knowledge is the key. Honesty is all.

We are passionate about respecting each other, people, cats and our planet, helping to ensure longevity and high quality of life. Our respect requires us to support the well-being of everyone and everything around us on earthAccepting that there are differences in cats, breeds and people and treating everyone with the same honesty, interest and attention.

How do we do it?

Simply 3coty®

Because cats deserve unconditional love, lifetime commitment and natural feeding.