How to recycle our packaging

Recycling empty cat food tins and other packaging

As expressed in our values, the planet is important for us at 3coty®. Our mission is to support healthy and long lives for cats and they need a planet on which to do so.

It was therefore important to us, that as little waste as possible is generated by feeding 3coty® 100% natural wet cat food. The food itself will of course be ably disposed of by your cat, eating it and absorbing all the meaty goodness from it.


Here’s what you can do with other things you receive in the shipment:


You can recycle the tins in most parts of the EU. What to do with empty cat food cans will vary not just from country to country but also from town to town! 

Our tins are made of thin steel, certified for food contact, so please recycle them according to your local guidelines.

We also recommend that you rinse the tins out before putting them in the recycling bin. Recycling tins with too much left-over content uses more energy than if you rinse it out under your tap.


We have been testing a range of different label materials over the years. On the smaller tins, we found that paper labels tore too easily, so we use a plastic label. On the bigger tins, we do now use paper with glue tape.

In some places, recycling guidelines require the labels of any material to be collected separately from the tins. You will see a little arrow where you can peel off the labels on our tins. This indicates where best to start removing the label to separate it from the tin, where your recycling requires tins to be separated from paper or plastic.


Placing the tins in boxes protects them during shipping.

Please remove any tape used to wrap the boxes which needs to be disposed of as plastic.

The labels on the multi-pack boxes are paper-based and they can go to the same waste bin as the rest of the box.

Bubble and shrink wrap

Until we find an alternative protection to bubble wrap, we ask you to use your local plastic recycling processes for it.

Please try to flatten the bubble wrap when throwing it into recycling bins to minimise the space it takes up. The shrink wrap around it can also go into plastic recycling.

We moved to a new shrink wrap recently on learning that the dark one we used in the past is harder to recycle than its lighter coloured equivalent. The easier it is to recycle something, the better!

80g and 180g

Remove label and place into PLASTIC, while tin goes to METAL.

390g, 780g and 1200g

Remove label with water together with glue tape and place it into MIXED recycling bin, while tin goes to METAL.


Remove label dry and place it into PAPER bin, remove glue tape and placed it to MIXED recycling bin, while tin goes to METAL.

Online store packaging

Remove tape and place it in the PLASTIC recycling bin.

Remove bubble wrap and stretch, flatten and place it in the PLASTIC recycling bin.

Boxes, after removing any tape, flatten and place it in the PAPER recycling bin.

In summary, we have chosen to use the most environmentally sustainable packaging we can and continue to make changes and update our materials. 

You can do your part by placing the items in the appropriate bins in your area. 

The colour coding and combinations of what can go in which bin is so varied, across the EU and within each country that we gave up trying to add a colour chart.